Medrano v. Diventi

Judges: McKeown, Callahan, Quist (W.D. Mich.). Oral argument: 4/6/17, Pasadena. Prediction: Affirmed.

Estella Medrano’s boyfriend decided to rob a store. Estella went to the store with him. When he pulled out his gun, she exited the store and waited outside. All of this was recorded on video. The Phoenix (Ariz.) Police Department arrested Estella, but charges were eventually dropped because of uncertainty over her knowledge and involvement in the robbery.

This case arose from Estella’s lawsuit against the police for arresting her even though she wasn’t ultimately prosecuted. The panel did not appear convinced that her theory of why the police violated her constitutional rights had possible merit. The officers’ lawyer played video footage to the appellate panel, which you can watch as well in the link below. My bet: judgment for the officers is affirmed.

Update: On April 20, 2017, the panel affirmed.


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