I’m a lawyer who practices law in the 9th Circuit, mostly at the District Court level with occasional appearances before the Court of Appeals. I work in government and maintain this blog for my own pleasure, rather than to market my practice, so I choose not to publish my name and employer here. If you have a legitimate need to correspond with me, please use the “contact me” link.

A strange hobby of mine is to listen to oral arguments before the 9th Circuit, usually during my daily commutes to work. I’ve turned that into an opportunity to simply write about what I observe. I do this because I truly am a fan of the 9th Circuit and its customs. Even if one disagrees with a ruling (and I’ve had my fair share of being on the losing side of them), the judges are always very well-prepared for these argument sessions. They are hard-working, intelligent people who are helping our government and our society function in a civilized way. It is an impressive process to see at work.

No lawyer blog can go without a litany of disclaimers. These are mine:

  • All opinions expressed here are mine alone and not necessarily of my employer.
  • I usually do not read the briefs or papers in these cases. All I have to go on is the oral argument itself. If I write about an oral argument and the Court issues a ruling later, I’ll do my best to later update the post with the ruling.
  • I’m trying hard not to “critique” any lawyers I see in these arguments, but some of that will seep through. My simple and primary intent is to report objectively and casually on what I observe from these oral arguments alone. True analysis of the legal issues being decided requires careful study and significant time–which I just don’t have the luxury of. Therefore, clarifications or corrections are always welcome and I will publish them–especially from the participants of the actual argument.
  • I practice constitutional and civil rights law, so my choice of which arguments to cover will weigh heavily in that direction.